Generate data into sculpting


I’m new here on this forum. I hope you can help me!

I have measured the warmth and length changes of some corals; they are just numerical data. I want to be able to input this information into a plug-in into Grasshopper and use it to translate the data into a sculpture. Which kind of plugin should I use for this purpose?

Perhaps are raw data’s not a nice way to begin with and is a bit confusing as it get.
So I have this idea of sculpting some shapes and ad this data in where I hope the shape change.
I do know that I will be need to use Biomorpher to generate some new shapes, but it would be even more interesting to add those data’s and let it generate, together.
I hope I havent make it confuse for you!

Hope you can help.

I hope that plugin exists too, maybe integrated ChatGPT 5?