Generate & Capture Intersecting Points

I’m trying to generate points along a surface that I sliced using a plane.

I’m taking a ship model, slicing it up into sections using planes, and I want to get points along the hull (exterior) so that I can get replicate the hull form.

Using the MeshToNurb function on my ship, then using the cut plane, i’m not getting a good set of points. If the ship example is confusing, take any object, slice it with a plane, and then I’m looking to generate points along the intersection of the object/plane.

Hello - if you slice the mesh directly with Section, the result will be a polyline - you can ExtractPt from this, or Divide to get points. Does either of those help?


Perfect!!! Thanks. Works great.
Next question if I can - I’ve never played around with ExtractPt function. How do I save these points into a database file/MS Excel or CSV file?

Hello - yes, you can export the points to CSV -