Generate buldings from Lidar points

Hi all.

I’m frequently in a situation when I have to generate lots of simplified buildings on terrain models. I extracted the roof points from a LAZ file using CloudCompare and now I want to generate some simple solids using these points. Does someone have an idea how to best tackle this?

How simple?, Mesh or Breps?, with roof angles? or just boxes?..

Preferably breps (meshes are also fine) but with angles. Something like this.

I projected the points to the ground and made a line from the roof to the ground. Is there a way to interpolate a solid using many curves or something? Like some kind of bounding box? The bottom face could be made flat and intersect with the ground (reconstructing points with lowest Z).

There is component in the old forum in milkbox call Ball Pivot.

And also a lot option for mesh reconstruction

Sounds like a job for AI :slightly_smiling_face:

do you have a sample file to play around with?

terrain.3dm (19.6 MB)