Generate and Validate Plugin Licences

We are currently developing a Rhinio7 plugin, that we want to protect from unauthorized installation outside of the company. As far as we understand the documentation our best choice is following:

  • Add license support to the plugin by following this guide Creating Plugins that uses LAN Zoo
  • (Optional) Create an additional LAN Zoo Plugin for easer internal license management following this guide Creating LAN Zoo Plugins (Which we will most likely do since we already use LAN Zoo for the Rhino License management)

Are these assumptions correct?

And in addition to that are there any recommendations (or even onboard solutions) regarding the license key generation and validation? Or is it up to the developer how to implement that?

Hi @Marian_Becher,

If the requirement is to restrict plug-in use to in-house users only, then a better choice might be to support the Cloud Zoo. Here users must log into their McNeel account to access their license or to pull a license form a team.

Another option is to just have your plug-in look at the user’s login credentials and make sure they’re on some sort of approved list; perhaps something you keep on an internal server.

For local license or LAN Zoo usage, yes. Our licensing system is only for management and distribution of licenses. It’s up to you to some up with whatever license key scheme you’re comfortable.

– Dale

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Here are two resources that may be helpful to you in developing and implementing a licensing scheme:

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