Generate a slot in a curve

Can’t seem to figure out how to subtract the slot (rectangle) from this? I drew the profile, used extrude and capped it. Next I drew a rectangle and used sweep. Difference doesn’t work. Eventually (once finished) I want to 3D print this.


hi Jay double U double U

either you chose 2 separate rectangulars and sweep them along the same curve segment then no need for booleans, or you just scale1d and copy it.


Man, I must be getting old. Can’t believe I couldn’t figure that out. Thanks for helping out.


no worries you are not alone :wink:
make a few more tasks and you get into it again.

Is there a way to manipulate this rack and accurately place it on the curved rail in my previous posting? IF so, mind explaining how that’s accomplished?

RackPinionAssem.stl (423.0 KB)

you want to create gears with it in the shape of the curvature you have shown? if so one way would be since you have it already, to flow the object along a curve, you have to try if thats precise enough for you. otherwise i would rather make a 2dimensional curve of it and extrude it.

you can also import your stl model and make curves from it which you then flow along a circle segment and then extrude. that will be fast and accurate if you watch constructing the lines accurately and precise.

Experimenting and assuming my technique is correct, I imported the gear .STL file, exploded it, join the line segments, FlowAlongSrf, then extrude and cap. Seems to be what I was looking for.