Generarting ship hull form

Can u please help me in generating ship hull form from offsetdata

Show your offset data and maybe I can help.

offsettable townsend.pdf (404.8 KB)

Wow, you have chosen the hard way to go about it. You will probably want to start by plotting those points at the stations into by their co-ordinates and then make interpolated curves from the plotted points at each station. Then you could use the points to make a keel rocker line and a stem in the same manner. Then you could loft the sections and the stem but it is going to get funky where the stem and keel meet. Network surf can also work but things get complicated in a hurry working in this manner. Do you have any reference drawings to go with that offset table?

No i dont have reference drawing

So what is the purpose to create this hull? Is it for visualization, calculations or CNC?

hydrostatic and stability caluclations

That won’t be accurate, but maybe this is for study only. The best approach you have if you can’t get anything more precise is to make point3d form the intersections of frame, waterline and vertical distance and try to make splines from those points, than loft them for example. Fore and aft won’t be accurate, but it won’t have big influence on stability. But as I said, this is only when you want to use it for study.

If you only need hydro and stability then just use GHS and save yourself a lot of effort. This is just what GHS is for and has been around far longer that 3d modeling of hulls.

That’s I think the best answer you can get here @kvsureshkumar42

Thanks for the reply is ghs software free or we have pay for the software

GHS is a whole suite of apps but I think what you need might be in the Model Maker module. I doubt you will get anything free from GHS but have a look at DEADWEIGHT and the sample files which is free.

Easy - get the xyz points into rhino for the stations, curve fit through the stations, then loft the station curves for the full hull. Can output GHS direct from that or whatever. If its a proper offset table then that will have stem and possibly stern profiles in there as well.
One thing, it really helps to have the same numbers of points in each station before using loft - so rebuild the station curves if necessary,

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