General questions regarding gismo

What unit of measure does Gismo use? I input 1000 for the radius and 10-20 for the random height generation of buildings on the script, but I am not entirely sure of the unit of measure. Does it depend on the unit of measure of the rhino file? How is it determined?

Also, my computer seems to slow down as I change the toggle boolean to true. However, the script does not seem to be taxing my cpu or ram too heavily. Is Gismo lagging/freezing because its downloading data? Is a radius of 1000 on the larger size? How can I speed the process up?

Hi -

It looks like the tooltips show that it always uses meters.

It’s hard to tell from that screenshot - it looks like you turned several toggles to True, so all of the steps need to be performed. You could turn on profiling in Grasshopper to see how much time each component uses. From my own experience, downloading the data does take a substantial amount of time and 2 km2 is getting big.


@wim thank you once again for the useful reply.
The radius_ inputs are always in meters.
Other values should be in Rhino document units.

As for the lagging of the .gh file: 1000 meters is not that big of a radius. You can freely go to 2000 meters as well. Although, make sure that you turn on the boolean toggles one by one, once you change the radius. Or at least disable the ‘OSM 3D Roads’ component, as that one takes the most time to complete.
Be sure to use the .gh file I attached here. It will remove the parking lot access roads, which were causing the delay and buggy output.

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Out of curiosity, is 2000 meters the cap for the radius?

I do turn on the boolean toggles one by one anyways, since rhino/grasshopper freezes for a few minutes after turning one toggle on.
I was curious though, since my computer’s ram/cpu doesn’t seem to be throttling as much or be under too much use/stress when I turn on the toggles.

Also, rhino/grasshopper freezes when I turn on the boolean toggles for the roads after I’ve generated buildings on the same script. Do I need to generate the buildings and roads on separate rhino files?

@clonosis ,
You can go beyond 2000 meters as well.
Rhino won’t crash if you have all components turned ‘on’ and you changed the radius.
It’s just my practice is that I turn them one by one.

Generate everything in one single .gh file. Just turn on the ‘OSM 3D Roads’ component at the very end, as it requires the most time to calculate.

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