General question about photos to geometry in GH

I recently asked similar question with geometry, however it turns out I have a bigger problem with the images rather than the geometry itself. I have attached two files one Rhino and one GH.
I have created a rectangle - the cutting material.
I have created hexagons - the shapes that need to be cut.
I have inserted a photo - not the one that I will use in the actual thing, but it will do perfectly for the purpose of this.

What I am trying to achieve:
Position the picture in the center of each hexagon.

My questions:

  1. The design I have is made in Photoshop. Is png the best option for importing a file in Rhino?
  2. If not what are my options?
  3. Why the photo in the current example is not moving itself to the center?

Any advice ill be appreciated!

Cutting (14.8 KB)
Rhino-Sample.3dm (1.7 MB)