GearGen script update

Hi guys,

If anyone is still using this old script for gears, there is now a small update to fix issues related to when a circle has been edited via boxEdit (thanks to @Ian for pointing this out).
VBscript version (2020.09.08): gearGen.rvb (23.3 KB)

Also, I went ahead and ported the script into python. If you want to take it for a spin, let me know if you see any glaring bugs.
Python version (2020.09.10): (21.9 KB)

Note1: The python version is renamed as “GearFromCircle”
Note2: The python version is coded in an object oriented approach and is smaller; hopefully easier to read if anyone wants to continue it’s development in the future by adding features and such


  1. The script is now also found in the FoodForRhino site here: GearFromCircle
  2. Direct link (most recent code): GearGen

The scripts are also uploaded to the main site here --> GearGen

If anyone tries the Python version on Windows and Mac, let me know if there any issues. Thanks.

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Hi @ThomasAn_,

This nice work would be discovered more if you posted it here:

– Dale

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Thanks for the tip. I notice there are a few other gear generators on that site. So this script might now be redundant in view of those, I don’t know. Unless, people prefer the simple Rhino-like command line interface of the original GearGen

Script uploaded --> here

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