GCon in Rhinocommon

I’m trying to add a feature to my existing plugin where two curves would be automatically filleted based on the GCon result of the input curve and its adjacent curves. I haven’t found an equivalent in Rhinocommon to the GCon command though. Any suggestions on what would be the best approach? What I’m trying to do would look somewhat like this pseudo-code

if (GCon(curve1, curve2) < G1)
  do something
  do something else

Hi Diego,

how about this:

  • join the curves;

  • by comparing starts and ends in the originals, you can figure out the location that is joined, find out the t parameter in the new curve;

  • if they join, then you can check if they are continuous within a specific G with Curve.IsContinuous.

Piac, thank you for the reply. That’s the only approach that I could think of, I was wondering if there was any other better way to tackle this. You pretty much confirmed me that there isn’t LOL :grin: