GCon - curvature difference in degrees?

Why does GCon assign units of “degrees” to curvature difference?

Results of GCon:
Command: GCon
First curve - select near end
Second curve - select near end
Curve end difference = 0.000 inches
Radius of curvature difference = 1.734 inches
Curvature direction difference in degrees = 13.176
Tangent difference in degrees = 13.176
Curves are G0.

Curvature has dimensions of 1/Length. Degrees are dimensionless. The units for the other metrics are appropriate.

Hi David - curvature is also given as a vector -https://developer.rhino3d.com/api/RhinoCommon/html/M_Rhino_Geometry_Curve_CurvatureAt.htm


Pascal, I understand curvature and curvature difference can also be a vector. Magnitudes of the curvature vector and curvature difference vector have units of 1/length. That still leaves the question of why GCon says the units of the reported curvature difference are degrees.

Hi David - it is reporting difference in curvature direction, not curvature, there.



Pascal, makes sense. I was overlooking the “direction” in “Curvature direction difference”. Thanks for the clarification.