Garbled dots

In 6.0.15118.10591, 4/28/2015 I am seeing dots get garbled:

This case is from sweep 2, but I’m seeing it in all sorts of dots. If I pan and zoom about, the dot will often switch between regular, expected text and the garble.

File please.
What font are you using?

Over here, when I open this file, the dot is garbled. The font for this dot is Arial.
GarbledDot.3dm (84.8 KB)

In case the texture map for the material didn’t come through, attached here:

I can get it to go garbled only if I’m in a Rendered display mode, but that’s enough to get it on the pile.

When I Zoom in far enough, or pan the display so the object with the texture moves out of the viewport, the the Dot text looks fine.