Gaps in Mesh at three point intersections when implementing Catmull Clark Subdivision (for mesh clustering)


I am trying to implement a mesh subdivision routine (attempt to mesh clustering), and after using a Catmull Clark Subdivision (from weaverbird), I obtain ‘holes’ in my mesh surface (only where three edges meet):

Other than manually patching this, is there a better way to subdivide mesh while maintain boundary integrity? Thank you.


it would be easier with a file.

Maybe your mesh is not welded correctly or you want to choose the “fixed” option on the S input of the catmull clark component.

But as mentioned, easiest would be to upload the file.

Thank you so much. Indeed, the problem was with the Smooth Naked Edges input—I had selected ‘Smooth’. Changing this to ‘Fixed’ resolved the issue.

On another note, is it possible to work with only the ‘boundaries’ of each Voronoi cell? Say, if I wished to offset all the Cells inward by a certain amount?

I would like to for example, be able to perturbe only the boundary of each of these cells, to ‘grow’ them outwards. Thank you. (17.7 KB)

I don’t fully understand what you are up to(offset inwards and grow outwards?)anyway, if you try to offset Voronoi cells, I’d like to recommend to use clipper plugin instead of vanilla GH Offset Curve. (10.7 KB)

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Thank you very much for the information about clipper. I will try to use it now.