Gaps Above Wainscot At Doors

When a door is placed in a wall with a wainscot, there’s gap around the door above the wainscot’s offset. (Screenshot below.) Suggested workarounds welcome.

Hi @djhg how have you created that wainscot? check the units in your document, and make sure the Absolute tolerance is no lower than 0.01 inches.
Please share that file so we can better understand what’s happening (it’s fine if you just send a file that has the wall and the door).

The wainscot is an element in the wall with a top offset. That element (layer) is set to wrap at openings so it will appear at frameless openings. I will send an example later today.

I’ve attached an example of a similair concern as it relates to a wall with a railing included as a wall layer. It’s a little different from the example cited above but it results in a variation of the same unwanted gap, plus wrapping issues where wrapping is desired. I’ll upload the file. Screenshot below:

@djhg I’ll wait for the file then.

There was some sort of hitch with the uploading the day before yesterday, so I uploaded it again (twice) yesterday.

Could you send the file to

I sent a link just now.

Hi @djhg, got the file!
You can edit the wrappings for each individual wall layer, and tell them to wrap at Ends as well.

On the other hand, I don’t see a way of avoiding a gap when that “rail” layer wraps at openings. In fact, the wall layers are not meant to be used that way. I’d rather use a railing object instead (vaRailing), which will give you more freedom to go around the wall openings, the wall ends or make them stop at any position. I understand though that as a drawback they won’t be attached to the wall position or their openings.

Thanks Francesc.
I see. A limitation. Good to know.
Now how about when there’s a wainscot as at the top of this thread. Can you tell me the wrapping settings to do away with the gap above it around an opening? I haven’t been able to accomplish it.

You can set the wrapping of the “rail” and “gap” (wall layer component) to wrap at “Ends” only. Otherwise, you will always get a gap around the opening frame.