"Gap" between close extrusions are visible in certain angles

My 3D model technique is not the best, so I tend to do it in sections instead of extruding all walls at once. So this results in multiple extrusions for walls and openings. The “gap” between the extrusions is visible like so:

Am I unintentionally creating these tiny gaps because of my method? Is there a way to correct this without redoing it?

Thanks in advance.

Same buildings, different angle. The “gap” is suddenly gone.

If youre modelling is precise enough a
_booleanUnion might solve the problem.

I could reproduce your effect with 2 simple boxes on top of each other.
removing the top surface of the lower box (right) will also remove the “gap”.

so it seams like those “hidden” surfaces influence a few pixels of the rendering…

Thank you for your response. The boolean union worked for some areas, but it worsened others. I appreciate your help though!


search for errors with
_showedges (naked edges)

did you try to just delete the surfaces, just sub-select them
ctrl + shift + left click

if some inner part of the surface is needed, cut away some parts:

… and for the remaining stuff, maybe photoshop is the fastest