Galapagos to optimize maximum region intersection?

Hey all,

Grasshopper beginner here. I am looking for a way to find the maximum region intersection for a set of closed curves in Rhino. Can I use Galapagos to find the maximum region intersection for multiple curves?

Attached are a screenshot and file I’ve started: I think something’s not set up correctly with the rotation. It rotates the set of curves using the same angle. Ideally the script rotates each curve to find the optimized overlapping area. (13.1 KB)

Example of curve geometries (simple):

Curve Geometries.3dm (132.3 KB)

Hey @suisaei, you can try something like this for your case: (34.5 KB)
You can get the region union of all shapes then generate the intersection of that vs all the shapes.
Note: I added a random component for the rotation using a range of -180 to 180, however I am sure you can modify your genes (rules) to whatever you prefer. I suppose you could have a slider configured with that same range (or whichever range) for the rotation and make that your gene instead of the ‘seed’ slider for the random component I added.

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