Galapagos - save multiple solution states?

Is reinstating from galapagos and saving a couple of slider states possible? - unfortunately to do that i have to exit galapagos because grasshopper menu is greyed out at that time. When I exit galapagos window everything is wiped out. Is it possible to somehow save multiple solutions (ideally - best ones)?
Thank you for your time and help

Every solution is saved while Galapagos is up. You can select states from the UI and press the re-instate button. However as soon as you close GP, that data is gone. I know that’s not ideal, but that’s how it is for the time being.

That’s what i meant: pick genome -> re-instate -> save state and repeat to pick solutions i need. Thank you for your response, cleared things up.

To ones who seek a solution in the future (TT Toolbox required):
galapagos (16.6 KB)
I put together a definition which filters optimisation results by a chosen value (for example saves slider values that result in fitness values smaller than ‘x’ - useful if you use penalty functions or seek specific results). After optimisation is done (as saving results real-time slows whole process down a lot) you can save slider positions with corresponding fitness values to Excel file. That way you can later read values from it and use them to recreate solutions of your choice or create graphs. That isn’t perfect for sure, but worked in my case.

This can be done with Colibri Aggregator as well, but as far as i know, it runs real-time, you can’t disable screencapture feature there and all values are put in one column, divided with semicolons. Probably because it is made for Design Explorer purposes mainly. It can be found in TT Toolbox as well.