Galapagos problem

Hi everyone. im using galapagos for finding the maximum area a bounding box can make between some points.

Hi everyone… i need some help. Im using bounding box to fit a surface inside 4 points, and im using rotation of the plane for bounding box as a variable what I want is to find the rotation angle for the maximum area of that bounding box. im not sure whether i should use goat (as i only have one variable) or galapagos. it should be very simple but when i use galapagos, it doesnt give me the best one because it keeps running. Any ideas of what im doing wrong? i have used very little galapagos before. i think im midunderstanding it.

Looks like your slider only has 300 or 360 or so unique values it can take. So once Galapagos has tried them all it cannot do something different any more. If you stop the process at this point you should end up with the best value.

Galapagos will actively try to avoid running the same setup more than once, but due to the pigeonhole principle there’s only so many different states. You might get a more sensible evolution if you add a lot more decimals to your angle slider.

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