Galapagos fitness landscape

Not sure what example do you mean, but GH doesn’t support 2d arrays (lets keep datatrees away), just 1d arrays. Then if you feed it with 100 values, first ten will be the first row, the next ten will be the second row and so on.

Maybe the component convert numbers to 2d domain or points , i think it need two inputs for GeneA and GeneB

Yes, at the condition that you know how your values were generated from the two genes.
Here is what could be a good example to explain how fitness landscape works :
Fitness landscape Self-explaining (12.5 KB)

Depending on which gene you graft, it is going to make sense, or not :

This is a perfect example of a very interesting and potentialy useful component which is probably under-utilized because no effort whatsoever has been deployed to explain its -simple in fact- logic.

I try this to find the best rotation of the shape which give the minimum length of bounding rectangle;
record data plugged to V in fitness landscape and you can see the minimum value and the minimum z .
I don’t know if it work like that to visualize solutions of Galapagos