Galapagos/Colibri - Registering some solutions only

Hello everyone!

I’ve searched on both Internet and the forum but could not find the solution to my problem. I’m trying to use Galapagos and Colibri to study a panel of solutions given by the variation of 2 sliders and the minimization of one fitness function (the cost of the solution).

I’ve managed to get the process to work but I wondered if it was possible to record and save screenshots for some solutions only and not all of them. Indeed, some of the solutions I created are automatically disqualified when taking a value of 1 million but are still studied by the optimization components. In order to lighten the computation time, I wanted to know if it was possible and how to delete these solutions without studying them with Galapagos and Colibri.

Hope I was clear in my explanations! Thanks in advance for your answer!
Kind regards