Galapagos and parallel mesh faces

Hello Everyone,

I am attempting to make a sculpture that alludes to eye contact between two people.

To do this I have created two head-like forms in rhino and then approximated them with MeshMachine to create meshes of them. I then have Galapagos controlling adjustment in scale and rotation for each mesh, attempting to find a situation where two mesh faces are parallel and are essentially right across from each-other in an eyelike location on the mesh “heads”.

I am having trouble with a few things:
1: I cannot get Galapagos to converge on a really good solution. There is probably a better way to manipulate the meshes to achieve this result, so I was wondering if anyone has any tips for that, maybe using kangaroo?
2: In a perfect world, I would like to solve for aligned triangular mesh faces, essentially two triangles (each a mesh face) whose planes are parallel and centroids are parallel. Does anyone know how to achieve this if I solve the first problem?

I have have been working with grasshopper for a few years, have basic knowlege of kangaroo and am relatively new to Galapagos (only used it successfully a few times). (24.3 KB)

Eye_Contact_Test.3dm (2.7 MB)

Can anyone help me out? thanks.