G2 window lost after disconnecting external monitor

Dear fellow Rhino users, do you have any updates about this?

The incident looks like this.

Hi Erdem,

sorry, I’m currently travelling and not able to do any debugging on Windows. It looks like a different problem though, the loading seems to complete, but the main window doesn’t show at the end of loading.

Can you run the -G2 command (i.e. with a hyphen at the start) and confirm that the Editor option is set to Yes?

Hello David, no problem. It is not urgent anyway. Still I would like to start fiddling with it if eventually we are going to be migrating to G2.

Yes, -G2 command works and Editor=Yes is selected. I toggled it on and off but still no luck.

@Erdem could it be that you had grasshopper running on an external monitor that is no longer attached?

That’s a good question!

I may have used it the last time on my external monitor at home. I can try to see if the editor shows up on that screen. If it does, what should I do next? Or is there a way to get it back without connecting to that screen?

I could repeat this by attaching a screen, opening G2 on that screen, saving something and then closing Rhino and detaching the screen.
Can you try Alt+Shift+Space? then choose Maximize? Here that fixed it.

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Bravo Gijs!! You solved the puzzle. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: It opens up on the old screen.

Still it is something that needs to be addressed I think. Imagine you travel and work on different screens. You go to the next place and cannot open up G2, or you have to go back to the previous place to attach that screen to your computer. That would be horrible.

Yes I already made a report for this. I was waiting for your confirmation to post it here

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