G1 and CurvatureAnalysis

Hello, it is possible to call a surface on a screenshot qualitative or similar distortions in CurvatureAnalysis ionut badly to affect all the rest? I used the continuity of G1 between two surfaces…

Hello - sorry, I don’t understand the question…


Hi Pascal, I created 2 surfaces and smoothed them at G1. I think - the result has to be acceptable, however I see very sharp transition on the CurvatureAnalysis card.

If CurvatureAnalysis has a little sharp colors at edges of surfaces - it is a serious problem?

Hello - I guess you have to ask the question “A serious problem for what?” If you create a tangent match between surfaces then you will likely get a curvature discontinuity, unless you’re lucky. But so what? If you make a tangent match, presumably this is because a curvature discontinuity is acceptable, so then it is not a problem at all… But I still may be missing the point of your question.

Keep in mind as well that the color range is controlled by the numbers entered into the analysis dialog - if you use the right numbers you can make any discontinuity look dramatic.


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It is clear, the similar gap means isn’t a problem…
And to what in general it is worth adhering when checking a surface through CurvatureAnalysis? What is important?

Hello - my most common use of CurvatureAnalysis is to check for surface fairness - using the ‘Mean’ setting to look for areas of high or low curvature or rapid curvature change that do not match my idea of what the surface ought to be like.


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However even in the Mean mode - at the continuity of G1 sharp change turns out, and at G2 everything is good.

G1 means that the two surfaces are tangent to each other. It does not mean that curvature is continuous between the surface so the curvature can be unequal.

G2 means that the curvature is continuous. The curvature is equal at the adjacent edges of the surfaces.

Your results are exactly as expected.

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Now I understand… Thanks! :grinning: