does text field option “OBJECT LAYER” return “0” when it’s a block within a block ?

Or is it just me?

could we make the name, age, gender cells go left to right?
so this is a landscape/horizontal output and NOT portrait/vertical?

If my inputs are all “fx” 's , could I then apply this to other objects and it will update per object so I do NOT have to go in and input all names, ages, genders for each object?

Could we get more than 3 “attributes” – for example weight, height, eye color in the same prompt?


Hi -

No. As far as I can tell, you can’t select a sub-block and the Object Layer text field will simply return the layer that the top block is located on.

You can put these in any location and orientation you feel like.

Yes, that’s just adding more block attribute text objects in the same block.

If I understand what you are asking, there’s a test command that will let you do that - TestMatchAnnotationFields. It doesn’t work for blocks, though.