Fusion360 DWG's imported to Rhino

Anyone here trying to import Fusion 360 dwg files into Rhino? All I get are the annotations and not the actual geometry.

No one else have anything on this? I have found that one needs to open the Fusion dwg export in AutoCad where you will find a Sheet 1 (as in paperspace) with everything you saw in the Fusion drawing file. Nothing in model space but that seems to make sense coming out of Fusion. Then there is an obscure option in AutoCad to ‘save layout as a Drawing’ in the ‘Save As’ drop down menu. That will rename the file by adding ‘Sheet 1’ to the end of the name and the file size goes way down. That file will open as expected in Rhino but what was AutoDesk thinking with that extra save or conversion? Am I the only one to have encountered this?