Fusion 360 'like' optimized pattern?

Hello all,
So fusion 360 has a ‘organic’ FEA type optimization option, that creates that squiggly form that is all the rage these days. Obviously the design is a function of engineering parameters, but is there anything similar in grasshopper? Even one that is just aesthetics, or perhaps some python someone could point my way?

I have been trying to create a rough estimate of what is going on, but I don’t even know what parameters to begin with, how to create such a pattern…


Sounds like you are looking for topology optimisation
You could look at Ameba, Monolith or tOpos:

Ameba v1.0.2 Released.

There are several others - I think these ones are not updated any more though:



i was looking for a while to get a mac version of these any ideas?

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Very cool, Thanks! Another question, how available is this type of work for me to do some preliminary work in python? I.E. what kind of training, prerequisite math, etc, do you need to do these kinds of scripts?

There’s a famous paper by Ole Sigmund on topology optimization in 99 lines of code:


That’s in MATLAB, but there’s also one in Python here:

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Even Cooler! Thanks. How about online learning tutorials, etc. I know moderate python, GH, etc. How do I get to this level? What free resources can I tap into?

Also, to run said code one needs the following python libraries:

  • numpy
  • scipy
  • matplotlib

I have been having trouble adding these libraries/or any to python GH. Any suggestions?