Funny Surface?

I’m shaping some custom stoneworks, the surfaces have a ‘funny’ appearance, they were created from simple curves. I have tried sweeping, curve network, surface from edge curves, all seem to end up with the same result? Any ideas what I’m doing wrong ?
(I am using these on layout sheets which include a detail window in perspective view and shaded mode)
Funny Surface 1.1.3dm (300.7 KB)

I opened up in windows and everything looks good (not a faceted display like in your image)

Can you type SystemInfo into the command line and post the results here? Thanks.

It looks like you have the “Flat shade” option turned on so the visual smoothing of the render mesh is disabled.

Try typing “Flatshade” to toggle it off.

Flatshade off

Flatshade on

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@Japhy thanks for the reply. System info attached, switching flatshade off did not help. I did change some settings in shaded display mode for these product sheets I am working on. I’ll try reseting too the display mode. Cheers
Milezee System Info.txt (3.5 KB)

Thanks, system info looks good, lets see if your display mode resets work.

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yeh resetting shaded mode seem to do the trick :man_shrugging:t3:

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Apologies for the off-topic, but this funny effect reminds of the the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G phone. :slight_smile:

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