Funnel Soffit Loft

Hi All,

I’m trying to loft 4 circle shape curves and bended rectangles to create funnel shaped soffit. I wasn’t able to loft last circle with soffit line, instead I made a patch but it’s not smooth as I’m looking since those are 2 different object.

First 2 images are what I’m aiming for and this is the script I started.

Funnel.3dm (673.1 KB)
Funnel (14.9 KB)

it is important to have few independent curves to control thickness of the columns. That’s why I’ve got those circles…

Any suggestions for making whole as single surface?


Do you need a surface (NURBS) strictly?

You should try to get your funnel shape to work as a single mesh, perhaps via a relaxation method using Kangaroo (many examples out there - or look at the kangaroo examples for grid shells).

One here
Another one here
One without kangaroo here

I bet these are not even the best ones.

Anyway, your result should be fairly close to the images you provide above as example/goal. Once you have that, you should be able to convert your mesh to clean quads and/or SubD. However conversion might not be necessary at all, for you can still get those trusses going by intersecting or projecting your lines on the mesh.

Thank you for the reference examples. They don’t need to be NURBS. I’m OK with any form as long as it’s doing what I’m thinking to have. I’ve tried the first example. It does work but doesn’t follow middle curves to follow it. It’s lofting only the top and bottom curves. It’s smooth indeed but I need those funnels to follow mid circles as well.

When I add those into selection "solver’ creates a weird shape…

Funnel.3dm (614.5 KB) (18.3 KB)

You are having a similar problem to what Daniel described in the post just above to where you picked the definition…

The inner and shared curve have some strange parametrization and that cause your meshes to not share vertices, resulting in a jagged mesh:

Rebuilding that central edge fixes that problem.

Also, you are working in a too-big scale, and that make the kangaroo anchor goal to fail (i guess):
2022-06-15 20_58_15-Window
scaling everything by 0.1 factor fixes this.

2022-06-15 20_56_18-Window
roof_issue_0615 (16.6 KB)
Curves are internalized now.

These are just 2 shapes…
The global outline (seen from above) of all your shapes is a bit strange, you need it exactly like that?

Thank you, but this still doesn’t give me the control of the ‘thickness’ of the funnel.


What it does at the moment is, connecting 1 and 4 with strength value and ignoring 2, 3 and possible 5. Having other ‘mid curves’ like 2 3 5 would give more control on the look and position of the funnel, or sweep 2 rail with a curve that can be controlled by radius…

I also tried to add central edge and got more or less the same result as you did

These might be good for someone else but as long as funnels are not following the mid curves as mentioned it’s not helping me.

these are good for you too for they have come as free help

help is help - how dare you maltreat @maje90, you definitely have no clue how much the user contributes here.

Reprobable! Haha


continuing the defense :laughing:, that question was important; now that you’ve answered, license is given to say:

…then you did need nurbs :wink:



is a different goal from this:

Good luck!

Here’s another example (just for fun, definitely not for help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) (20.7 KB)

internalized stuff - I switched to meters

don’t forget to apologize to Riccardo!

Hi There,

No one is complaining, as mentioned it’s a great solution but wasn’t doing what I was planning to do.

If you pick the words, it obviously sounds/looks negative… No need for policing, @maje90 aware how much I admire his contribution

For the magenta, yes, going with NURBS is the most practical way. I don’t see any reason to discuss since both approach is different than other.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Your fun is appreciated.

Thank you both @René_Corella @maje90

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Cool @deepone! Glad you entertained the insolent humor!

I wasn’t very happy about how the column meets the canopy, though:

I know we wish for this to be sexier - I’m sure it’s fixable via some tween curves or something that makes a smoother transition, maybe add smoothing or soapfilm to kangaroo part - or use what Riccardo did for his example combined with this.

Let know how it goes!