Functional comments on GH2

Is it possible to support the function of Topmostviweport native? It is more friendly to single screen monitors, because most domestic users are single screen monitors. 2: It is very inconvenient to connect between batteries, so it is good to click the mouse to connect. For example, place the mouse pointer on the output end of the first battery, click the left button of the mouse, and release the mouse. Move the mouse pointer to the input end of the next battery, and click the left button again. Instead of left-clicking on the first battery output, holding and then moving the mouse to the next battery input. The connection of GH1 is so inconvenient, especially the connection between two batteries at a long distance. - will the aligning function become a native feature in GH2, so you don’t have to install plug-ins to align batteries, so the interface will look cleaner and more comfortable