Function Arguments


I am trying to understand was (sender,e) is doing as an function argument. Is there any documentation on the syntax someone can reference, as I have been unsuccessful in finding any?

Currently, my function “def MyFunction (sender,e)” is running every time I save the document, but it also is running when auto-save happens. I am trying to only have the function triggered on manual save and not auto-save. I know I can completely remove auto-save, but I would also like a better understanding at what this argument does and if I can alter it instead of disabling auto-save.


Hi @Mrothart,

Object Sender is a parameter called Sender that contains a reference to the control/object that raised the event.

EventArgs e is a parameter called e that contains the event data, see the EventArgs MSDN page for more information.

Event Arg Class: EventArgs Class (System) | Microsoft Learn

What Rhino event are you subscribed to?

– Dale