Fun with Windows 8 Tiles


Just for fun, decided to make some Windows 8 Metro-style tiles for Rhino on my start screen… You can 't do this yet in native Win 8, you need a nice little freeware utility called “OblyTile”. Apparently in Win 8.1 you will be able to customize tiles (how much, I don’t know)… What’s cool is the utility also allows program switches in the shortcuts, so you can add schemes (as I did) or “nosplash” if you want. For other non-metro (desktop) programs there are already hundreds of pre-made tiles available if you go looking.


New machine, new graphiccard, new OS, new newsreader… and customizing all of it… in style! Man… with all those new tricks you sure can’t be no old dog…



Nope, just an old cat… :smirk_cat: