Fun with Beta testing

I have done a lot of beta testing in my career, often it is a very time consuming task which involves narrowing down the circumstances of a bug, making it repeatable and documenting it properly. But sometimes it can be fun too :wink:

This one, a geometry scaling bug, happened during testing an internal release of Rhino Nature, obviously the daisies are a bit off…

Picture took only 2 minutes with Octane + GTX 3090


…that’s better


i’d prefer the large daisies by far!


Worth mentioning the only “serious” bug in RC so far … makes me fairly optimistic :sweat_smile:

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yes, of course … and I wouldn’t even call it serious!

Well… It’s a kinda serious perception issue when surrounding daisies are bigger than the house somebody wants to live in :crazy_face: :joy:


By the way: It is absolutely amazing that the daisies are looking pretty OK although they are pumped up by a factor of 100!

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I thought the same only texture seems a bit blurry. I kept it detailed having in mind some macro shots but I wasn’t thinking about “A Bug’s Life” scene usage :joy:

Anyway let’s hope others will appreciate library quality soon :slight_smile:


Are they? Or are you tricking us while you project a house for fairies or gnomes and don’t want the truth to be out there?

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