Fun Hardware View Controller Idea

I have spent a fair amount of time programming Arduino Nano compatible micro-controllers for stepper-motors, but recently I bought a “9-Degrees of Freedom” breakout board. Both of these together–and an electronic breadboard cost about $25, US.

Basically, when these two devices are hooked together, they can be programmed to send rotation, angle, acceleration, (and even compass heading.) information to a computer along a USB cable. This information could likely be used to control Rhino’s Perspective view.

Someone could pick it up with the device in their hand push a button, and the perspective view could be translated to the device orientation. The user could tilt and rotate the device and thereby rotate the object in the perspective view.

When the user gets done, they could either click or double-click the button, which would either cause the view to return to the Perspective view, or the Perspective view would be set the the orientation of the object.

I see this a demo tool, and for those times, you just want to study your design for potential problems.
Up front this would be a better candidate for a plugin than inclusion, because up-front it would be more of a hacker thing, but perhaps a cheap and open product could be made.

It’s not my video demo, but this is pretty-much what could be done in Rhino–for cheap, and perhaps cheaper.