Fullscreen settings not sticky between Rhino sessions

Wouldn’t it be nice if the -Fullscreen settings were remembered between Rhino sessions?
(I know we can macro specific options, but still…)


Isn’t it possible to launch the -Fullscreen argument with changing Rhino’s shortcut?

I really don’t want this as default behavior.

I would agree on an option to set it as turn on full-screen on next launch of Rhino.

Rhino.exe /runscript="-_fullscreen ( fullscreen options ...) _Enter"

What i meant was Rhino to remember what elements stay visible in Fullscreen (like Command Line), not the Fullscreen toggle itself.

Hi Jarek - I could heave that on the wish list but isn’t it easy to - depending on how you tend to start that command - make a button, create a shortcut or an alias that includes all the options?

Sure, thanks Wim, I guess no need for YT item if this is “by design”, easy enough to make a button. For me it was obvious that these settings should stick, so I thought it was an ommision.


Ivelin, I don’t see what Snapshots have to do with Fullscreen command settings…

Hi Jarek - I think it’s reasonable to assume that a given user will always use the same settings and so it makes sense to put it on the list (RH-53683) but given that the workaround is rather straight-forward, I wouldn’t sit and wait until this gets to the top of someone’s list.

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