FullScreen choppy (RH7)

Hey guys,

Seems like when I make my Perspective view fullscreen (4K monitor) it slows down fairly dramatically. But if it’s Maximized to almost fullscreen, it’s fine.

I have to do a walk through full-screen with head honchos soon, and would like to figure this out if possible. Thanks.

Hi Alan - is that true with any model, even a new file with some boxes? Do you have Fullscreen clearing everything or do you leave some UI up? If so, what? Single viewport or multiple?


Hi @pascal -

It’s fullscreen 4k single viewport with no UI, in a custom display mode with textures - doesn’t make a diff whether I have Shadows on or off, works the same. This only seems to be a problem with displays showing Textures (aka materials)

New file with just a few boxes ok - even in “Render” mode (which is basically not working at all in my current model) and even just fine on my second screen (another 4K monitor of same LG model)

Wondering if it’s a PBR thing. I’m going to try to swap out my PBRs for native rhino materials and see if that helps. I would really love to do a full screen show and tell in Render mode.

BTW separate question is, how would I keep some UI up with fullscreen all on one monitor, btw, cuz that would be helpful!

Hi Alan - run the command with a dash in front to see the options


@Alan_Farkas - can you tell me how many pixels there are in a viewport that ‘works’ and one that does not? Can you make a floating viewport of the full screen size and have it behave more as expected?


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I can get back to doing that in just a bit. I did figure out that if I make all materials non-PBR, it works fine, even in Render mode. Hmmm