Full-time Senior Software Developer UK Job Opportunity

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Senior Software Engineer

Are you ready to take the lead in shaping the future of computational and parametric design? Do you thrive on solving real-world challenges through the fusion of design and engineering? If you’re passionate about bridging the gap between digital innovation and physical product development, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

About Us
We are an early-stage Start-Up that has been recognized with multiple awards for our groundbreaking work in innovation. Our team is dynamic, innovative, and dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design and technology. We’re located in the heart of London, offering a vibrant and semi-hybrid work environment that fosters collaboration and creativity.

Role & Responsibilities
As a Senior Software Engineer with us, you’ll play a pivotal role in driving the evolution of computational and parametric design. You’ll have the chance to work on impactful projects that directly address real-world problems, creating solutions that seamlessly blend the digital and physical realms. Your expertise will be crucial in advancing our product development process and contributing to our mission of innovation.

What We’re Looking For
A passion for computational and parametric design that goes beyond the surface.
A desire to tackle complex challenges by combining design and engineering principles.
Curiosity about the intersection of digital concepts with tangible product development.
Excitement about being part of a dynamic team in central London, with the flexibility of a semi-hybrid work model.
An individual who is drawn to opportunities presented by an early-stage Start-Up environment.
Strong communication skills, as collaboration and idea-sharing are at the core of our culture.

How to Apply
If you’re excited to embark on a journey of innovation and creativity, we want to hear from you! For a detailed description of the role and information on how to apply, please refer to our full job posting here: