Full list of methods on the VRay Plugin Scripting Object?

Hi all.
and of course @matt_newberg,

Im using the vRay = rs.GetPlugInObject(“V-Ray for Rhino”)
to get the V-Ray plugin object.

Can I find a list of available methods for that object?
ie. How can I find which method to use for each option in the render options?

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Just found this which might be helpful to others with same problem:

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Looks like you found the post.

If there is something you are looking to do via scripting that isn’t on that list, I will see if I can quickly add to the todo list for 3.0.

Yes. Thank you.
I got everything to work now. Very nicely too.
I’ll share it in a blog post soon.
Maybe that list should be on some official V-ray site?