FUed Layers

Problem48.3dm (5.2 MB)
In a previous post I mentioned the problem of FUed layers. However, I had just created a new file.

Here is one I have been working on to create faired hull lines and had the same problem show up. I saved it this time.

If you look at the LAYERS panel, the last layer on the list, Maximum Beam, has no sublayers (as intended)

If you go to the OBJECTS panel (Layer:) The Maximum Beam layer has many sublayers (not as created).

I cut and pasted individual layers to a new file and got different, screwed up layers.

Checkin’ it… thanks.

I see this here as well - thanks.



Any idea how to recover from this problem?

No… I do not know what is going on there. I added a bug to the heap, along with your file, so hopefully the developers will be able to sort it out. As far as I can see it looks correct on Windows.


This bug should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP…the layer orders in the object properties should now match those of the layer controller. Thanks again for reporting this! Sorry it took this long to fix.