From string to float without change



(lauging because I didn’t know it as well)

Ok, I think I have pinpointed the problem.

It has to do with .NET functions, even when the function mission is to export a number, it exports a Boolean.

@ivelin.peychev you’re in a feedback loop

Did I help you or not is the question?

Nope, I´m still stuck in this last step with python :slightly_frowning_face:

Why the python component is exporting Booleans ? :roll_eyes:

Dude, read my posts replace that python script with the component above and you will read your file directly

GIS - World File Parameters - Python (2.9 KB)

Dude, this is a small part of a bigger scheme for GIS data, and that part of the code is a component of a bigger one and I need it to be in Python.

Even so, you need to read the file line by line, this is what you’re trying to do with the python script you presented.

With the component

You do exactly that. Feed that to the script if you need additional manipulations of that list.

If you need more you’ll have to add more information of your python script.

@Nader_Belal, download this file and try to understand what I did that I managed to avoid booleans.
GIS - World File Parameters - Python (10.2 KB)

Side Note: I guess I’m far from being the right guy for front-end support :smiley:

Basically, you are asking too much accuracy that double can handle. So it is necessary to use Decimal.

However, Grasshopper cannot handle Decimal natively. So all the operations need to stay in .NET/Python and cannot escape to Grasshopper.

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