From rectangular curve to a silhouette pattern ADVICE

Dear Grasshoppers,

Starting from a rectangular curve and going to a silhouette pattern is making me crazy (picture attached) red lines
Do you have any advice? thank you beforehand.

rectangular to (13.5 KB)

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It could be simple or difficult. What are your parameters ? One size of rectangle ? Constant offset ? Constant number of Zig Zag … ?
Because at the first sight it is most simplier to do it by hand.

Actually nothing should be constant otherwise the easiest way will be doing by hand. After solving that I am planing to extrude it in a curve direction. So every parameter is open. According to you what is the difficult way? Thank you for replying.

Here a solution where you have to input your rectangles and the number of subdivision in each rectangle (even number).

And the second with random direction

rectangular to curve (34.8 KB)

Try to follow the flow of information to understand how it works. It is just a question of data management. Will be simplier by code.

More complete script

rectangular to curve (24.1 KB)

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Dear Laurent,

Thank you for replying.
It does work with squares or rectangles but not really with bent curves. I will reformulate the question to the forum. Maybe you can have a look as well.


Hello Carlos
you were not very precise. A rectangular curve for me is a rectangle not a closed curve with 4 corners or kinks ! It is always better to give all the variables…
You have some strategies to do what you want

  1. Use morphing or
  2. Use offset/translation of each part of the curve.

Hello Laurent,

Would you like to explain me a bit more the options? Super thanks

Hello Carlos,
for the morphing you could morph whatever rectangular shape you want with script like this one