From Polyline to a façade for model making

Hi good people,

I am trying to do smth which looks simple but I am facing some problems to get it.

The Idea is having a polyline, always with 90 degrees angle in corners, to make smth like this image:

Every part of the façade will go to the end in clockwise direction. The problem is that some of the segments of the polyline needs to be scaled and others need to be moved according with the angle of starting and ending, and i dont know how to select this. The offset will represent the thickness of material I will use (2, 3, 5 mm).

Some idea in that path or another possible way (I thought about making a simple offset and then dividing the structure, but still needs to choose and discard some curves)

PD: I will upload now the data

Best regards,

It is a bit confusing the document, because i just was “sketching” and puting my thoughs, this afternoon will try smth more clear

Polilíne ejemplo (31.5 KB) Polilinea ejemplo 1.3dm (31.2 KB)