From 2-D to 3-D. Help!

It looks like the profile polyline is not one closed polyline.

How can I add holes?

By substarction, most likely.

Could you please tell me the procedure step by step?

One of the holes in the body and all holes in the flange are simple holes. You can use the cylinder command to make a closed cylinder and then the BooleanDifference command to subtract the cylinders from the main body.

For the other holes, just make a revolved body like you did for the main shape. Make sure these are closed objects and boolean subtract them from the main body.

You can do it in two ways using the same toolbar.

opt. 1 Create a cylinder, same size of the hole and then subtract a cylinder from the main form.
opt. 2 Use MakeHole command.

What are those rectangulars and how create them?

To me there are not rectangles but hollow cylinders.

Here what I get

Check this model, I saved the steps in layers.
sample_MG.3dm (471.8 KB)

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Thank you very much!

A circular object like this could be created by establishing the centre line and drawing the section to revolve around that centreline. Boolean the holes etc in after the basic shape is modelled. (don’t really need the jpg for this one as all the dimensions are there.)


Hallelujah. Someone finally figured this out! Booleans are for Fooleans.

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HaHa… couldn’t live without them though.

Booleans are useful for later stages of modeling, but should not be used for primary geometry. Unless you never change anything…

I think we’re on the same page Dave, but it beats me why booleans get such a bad rap, I use them regularly and successfully at all stages of modelling, primary geometry or not. If they don’t work there is always a good reason and the tools which allow you to move on. I find changes are usually reasonably straight forward too, maybe the odd backward step, but the rework can be minimised with a bit of dupborder, untrimming, splitting and re-joining, just part of the process of getting to fabrication.

The above is a classic example of where booleans are the best way to create the holes and recesses in the revolved solid, and are step number 2 of the process - unless there is a better way that I’m not seeing.

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For your chamfer problem (that you sent by private message), you should use the ChamferEdge command.
I tried it on your model and it works without problem.


I read the post, I am interested and I tried it,
everything worked very well.
It was no difficult question,… just try it !