Friday 's Wish - SubD - Selection feedback / counting

selecting a partial edge loop. (same for faceLoop)
subselect start
subselect end
subselect-doubleclick inbetween

I get a feedback in the commandline:

1 SubD edge added to selection.
1 SubD edge added to selection.
1 SubD edge added to selection.
10 SubD edges added to selection.

totally 12 edges selected.
1 + 1 + 1 + 10 ???
at least it should be
1 + 1 + 1 + 9
but this is not intuitive / human-friendly / human readable either:

therefor my wish is a more precise feedback.

... SubD edges added to selection
totally 12 edges selected

Also a more precise feedback in the properites would be great - at least as flyout

As counting faces and edges is so important with SubD this would be really a small but great improvement.

@theoutside - i count on you to promote this wish ! - even if this is posted on friday.


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Hi Tom - the goof here looks like it is the extra ‘1 SubDEdge added to selection’ - that seems to come from the double-click. Here, the rest seems correct. i.e. you have, I think, 12 edges selected when done correct, assuming there was no other preselection?
RH-81641 Double-click edge selection feedback


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dear @pascal - thanks for digging in.
is this different between mac an windows ?
it might be - I did not check.

sorry if I was not clear:

in in my example - I have selected 12 edges at the end / in total and I want this number (12) to be displayed somewhere.
the command history on mac gives a feedback for each click / double click
1 SubD edge added to selection
and an additional 10 edges … for the last double-click-auto-extend Edge loop

your youtrack example has different numbers:
click once - 1 edges added to selection
click second - 1 edge added to selection
click 3rd and double click - 1 edge added to selection, 12 edgeds added to selection
Feedback in the commandline 1+1+1+12 = 15
Number of edges selected in the end 14
in this case i would love to read the 14 somewhere.
so the last prompt might be:
12 edgeds added to selection - totally 14 edges selected.


have a nice weekend - kind regards - tom

Hi Tom - I think it is the same on both - the command history is updated as you click, it is not paying attention to what you are thinking (I think), that the first, second, and double clicks are all part of one selection operation, rather it sees four selections, which, I believe, ought to be three - the double click is registering one of the edges twice. I’ve asked Mikko if a double click can be detected and only report the result of the double as one operation so to speak. Does that make sense?


yes - but this is not enough:
I would love to see for your example:

1 SubD edge added (first click)
1 SubD edge added (second click)
12 SubD edges added to selection, 14 edges selected in total. (double click)

maybe 2 lines for the last feedback.

… thanks - good night from zürich / switzerland (22:47h) - tom

Hi Tom - I doubt this is possible - again, the operations in Rhino are separate ones - Rhino does not know you are thinking of one operation , it only sees the input one at a time and can’t tell where to start counting. I have some hopes that the double-click could be trapped as a single operation, not much hope for the rest.

But Mikko is way smarter than me.


Pascal beat me to it-
(fwiw, we both work on fridays :wink: )

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