Free-form curves



I am almost new to rhino and I am interested to use Rhino’s free form curves. I had a couple of questions: when drawing a closed free-form curve, I noticed that the method of “wrapping control points” is used, is that a choice in Rhino? Meaning that can other methods such as “wrapping knots” be used to draw a closed free-form curve?
Are the number of knots predefined as a function of number of control points? Or can it be modified (increased)?

Also, what are the usual steps to take after importing a dwg file to make it usable in Rhino?

Thank you very much,

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Sara- closed curves are made periodic by default, but, if you are asking about the Rhino commands and not in the context of developer/programming, the Sharp=Yes/No command line option will toggle between periodic and clamped (Degree number of knots at the end points) style curve ends.



Thank you very much Pascal for your answer,

Is there any way to specify a knot value when using InsertKnot, or change an existing knot’s value or change the multiplicity of a knot?


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Sara- not through the Rhino UI, that I know of, no. Maybe a partial exception in the InsertKink command which inserts a fully multiple knot where you tell it.