"Free" camera rotation in parallel view orthogonal to CPlane

Hi guys!
Referring to attached definition.
test camera.gh (2.7 KB)
Open perspective window:
Button x set perspective view, y parallel, z set the CPlane orthogonal to current camera/view.
If you do y and then z the rotation of the camera will be “disabled”, making it possible only to pan the view, even with 3dconnexion mouse.
I can make a little rotation of the camera or the plane to avoid this happening, but i actually want to have a parallel view perpendicular to a cplane with rotation enabled.
Ctrl+shift “unlock” the rotation if an actual rotation occurs (by mouse 2d/3d) , but i want to avoid this too, i just want to trigger that effect.

Please tell me if I didn’t explain myself well enough.

Any ideas?

I think this is designed Rhino behaviour. If the camera-target direction is (nearly) parallel to the cplane z-axis, the view starts acting as a 2D plan view with no rotation. Top, Right, and Front do the exact same thing. You can still force rotation by Ctrl+Shift+RMB+Drag.

@mikko is that true or am I talking nonsense?

Thanks for the reply.
I know about Ctrl+Shift etc but, as I said before, I don’t want to rotate the camera, I just want to “unlock” the rotation.
Let’s say, I want to automatically set cplane orthogonal to view, let the user do some operation there but keeping the possibility to rotate the view.

I’m afraid that’s currently impossible. The rotation lock of plan parallel viewports is hard coded, there’s no setting for it.

Ok, I’ll have to find a workaround then.
Thank you guys for the help!