"Free" camera rotation in parallel view orthogonal to CPlane


(Riccardo Majewski) #1

Hi guys!
Referring to attached definition.
test camera.gh (2.7 KB)
Open perspective window:
Button x set perspective view, y parallel, z set the CPlane orthogonal to current camera/view.
If you do y and then z the rotation of the camera will be “disabled”, making it possible only to pan the view, even with 3dconnexion mouse.
I can make a little rotation of the camera or the plane to avoid this happening, but i actually want to have a parallel view perpendicular to a cplane with rotation enabled.
Ctrl+shift “unlock” the rotation if an actual rotation occurs (by mouse 2d/3d) , but i want to avoid this too, i just want to trigger that effect.

Please tell me if I didn’t explain myself well enough.

Any ideas?

(David Rutten) #2

I think this is designed Rhino behaviour. If the camera-target direction is (nearly) parallel to the cplane z-axis, the view starts acting as a 2D plan view with no rotation. Top, Right, and Front do the exact same thing. You can still force rotation by Ctrl+Shift+RMB+Drag.

@mikko is that true or am I talking nonsense?

(Riccardo Majewski) #3

Thanks for the reply.
I know about Ctrl+Shift etc but, as I said before, I don’t want to rotate the camera, I just want to “unlock” the rotation.
Let’s say, I want to automatically set cplane orthogonal to view, let the user do some operation there but keeping the possibility to rotate the view.

(Mikko Oksanen) #4

I’m afraid that’s currently impossible. The rotation lock of plan parallel viewports is hard coded, there’s no setting for it.

(Riccardo Majewski) #5

Ok, I’ll have to find a workaround then.
Thank you guys for the help!