Framing Helper

Meanwhile when few of you guys are waiting for RN which is still under closed beta i wrote precious tool (at least for me and few of you) which i was missing for a long time. Framing Helper allows you to overlay the most common composition guidelines over Rhino Viewports and is customizable (guideline fitting, rotation or display color of it).

It is already available for free at Framing Helper | Food4Rhino

Hope many of you will make good use of it :slight_smile:

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I’m not qualified… :slight_smile:


What the…? Hmm is it still in processing somewhere?

I guess i made showoff to early :sweat_smile:

Still nothing…

Still nothing.

My bad i didn’t knew it will be stuck at the thing called: Content in validation process - Just got an email. Never added stuff to f4r so as i said i made showoff too early. Sorry, guys. I hope it will be online ASAP.

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It takes a while for the Food4Rhino people in Barcelona to handle this. Just be patient :slight_smile:

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Maybe @fran needs just a gentle poke as a heads-up.

usually takes a business day or two.

@RIL @Piotr @nathanletwory @Michael_Pryor

Sorry guys for false start it is finally up :slight_smile: Have fun!

Any update for rhino 8 wip? Some parts works other not.

I guess not. For sure not for WIP. I could take a look to revise it when R8 is released. However, for example, polycount used API which isn’t available in NETCore, so it can be hard to reproduce in R8 - We’ll see what the future will bring, in the first place priority is to have RN running smoothly on R8.