Frame rate test?

Is there any way to see what the display frame rate is whilst using Rhino?

3ds Max allows you to see the poly count of the scene and the active displaying frame rate as small text in the top left of the screen which is handy to see how your graphics card is performing. You can toggle this on and off.

Not that I know of. You might want to check into Holomark, though.

Rhino is not a game, so the concept of “frame rate” really doesn’t apply. Rhino updates the display when it needs to and the length of time it takes depends on what’s changed and how complicated it is. If the computer seems to be limiting a user’s satisfaction with Rhino the answer is to invest in a newer, faster processor. In some cases more memory helps. A more capable graphics card may also be the answer for certain types of dissatisfaction. Strangely enough, more cores don’t do anything for Rhino in versions up to now, although they can help support other things your computer might be doing while you’re running Rhino.

The way forward on this issue is to describe here the size and types of models you are working with, the type of hardware you are using, what performance concerns or questions you have, and seek advice from people doing similar things.

The is a hidden test command _testmaxspeed that turn you model around in hundred steps and show you the complete time.

Graphic card - forget it. The GTX285 is one of the fastest card, newer cards are slower or give you the same speed (Quadro 4000/6000). If your use one of this cards and your display is slow, no card or CPU helps, only an other software. In this case the bottle neck is Rhino.

A good test is to use the bike model that can be found here:

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Thanks Micha, this is will do for testing. The only problem may be that the shaded display settings are NOT attributed to the scene but the users settings. That means that if I have added textures(for example), or increased the edge thickness to my shaded setting my times will be slower than someone elses.

I sold my Quadro 4000 because there were no significant improvements from what we tested.
We found that most new GTX cards out performed the quadro 4000 in any CAD programe and especially 3ds MAX.

We use Octane with Rhino and MAX (Using CUDA) so the GTX’s are the best option for us and we get to save a small fortune in the process.

I’m not sure how NVidia can continue selling old tech under the ‘Pro’ banner for such a huge price difference, even with the extra driver support. Although there will be many who disagree and the debate will roll on no doubt.

At Rhino we have the problem that all GTX above 295 are slower than the GTX before. The Quadro cards are the only modern one that keep this old speed level at Rhino, but provide some more power/memory for the other applications too.

Interesting. Are you using the 64bit version of Rhino?