FPS drop when I pan the camera (right-click)

Everytime I let go of my mouse after panning the camera (right-click + drag), my fps goes from 144 to 30-40 for about 2 seconds. I’m pretty sure my computer rig can handle rhino fine, + this happens on an empty model.

Would anyone know how to fix this?

Hello - I do not follow… what is supposed to happen if you have ‘let go’ of the mouse? Not sure what I am looking for…


Hello, in my attached video, the framerate is displayed at the top-left (kind of hard to see because of the resolution). It goes from 130-144fps to 30-40fps as soon as I stop panning the camera.

Usually, I expect the framerate to be stable at around 130-144fps. But for some reason, moving the camera triggers the framerate to drop down all the way to 30, even though there is barely any load on my computer.

OK - I guess I do not yet understand why fps matters if the view has stopped changing.


Even though the view has stopped changing, the drop in fps affects my mouse/cursor, and everything else. It doesn’t matter “much”, but it bothers me to have such an unstable fps.

Hi -

I’m not seeing anything affect the mouse cursor on my system and Rhino lets the OS and the drivers handle the resources. Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here. Perhaps that points at something that might be getting in the way…