FourViewLayout - what is the useMatchingViews parameter?

Both in RhinoCommon (ViewTable) and in C++ SDK (CRhinoDoc) there is no documentation on this parameter. Could someone shed some light on this?

    public void FourViewLayout(bool useMatchingViews)
      UnsafeNativeMethods.CRhinoDoc_ViewLayout(m_doc.m_docId, idxFourViewLayout, useMatchingViews);
    public void ThreeViewLayout(bool useMatchingViews)
      UnsafeNativeMethods.CRhinoDoc_ViewLayout(m_doc.m_docId, idxThreeViewLayout, useMatchingViews);
  void FourViewLayout( BOOL bUseMatchingViews = false );
  void ThreeViewLayout( BOOL bUseMatchingViews = false );

Hi Menno,

If bUseMatchingViews = True, then the functions look for existing views named “Top”, “Front”, “Right”, and “Persepctive.” And if found, the setting from these views are used as a “starting point” for view modification. bUseMatchingViews = False, the the function create the view settings from scratch.

– Dale

Got it, thanks.