Found a process that crashes Rhino

I’ve tested this on a few computers here, and every one will crash.

First, you will need a folder with a few Rhino files that you can open quickly. The files I tested on are between 1Mb and 4Mb.

Next, open one of the files. Once it’s open, don’t do anything except open another using the RMB “Repeat Open…” at the top of the context window.

Repeat a few times following the same procedure. On all the systems I tested on here I can’t get passed the third or forth file before Rhino crashes.


This sounds perhaps related to what I was having happen with drag and drop opening files that I reported awhile back… At the time I suspected video, but that appears not to be the case.

Edit: but I can’t reproduce it here for the moment…


I don’t suppose you get a Rhino crash report dialog box???

Hi Margaret,

Yes, every time. And when I send it in I get an automated response telling me that my video drivers are out of date (which was true the first time it happened). I upgraded to the recommended drivers here:

However, even after following all the directions and installing the latest recommended driver, it still crashes. I can get it to crash on any Rhino I try it on here. That’s why I posted here. I’m curious as to whether it crashes for anyone else. Here is a screen capture of the crash:



Yep, can do it too on a network mapped drive, never on a local file. Sent an error report.

I can crash it on local files too. Here are a few files copied into my hard drive. Watch:

Bug report added:

I can’t duplicate the crash here on a couple of computers I have handy.
Do you still get an automated message back when you send in a crash report after updating your video driver?
If you do, there’s something wrong with how we decide to send it.
It might help to see a crash report since this hasn’t been reproducible here yet.


Hi @lowell,

Yes, I still get the automated message. I updated to the driver that was recommended here:

I know that’s not the latest, and the automated response tells me so. Should I ignore this recommended driver and grab the absolute latest?

I will crash Rhino again, and send in the report. I will mention your name so that it crosses your desk.

It’s sent.



I got the automated response telling me to update my driver (from the one recommended above).
I think I’m going to give that a try.


I don’t really know what to recommend. I’ll have to check with somebody that keeps up on that better than I do

My card is ATI (AMD?) and I can reproduce it.

I got your last crash report with the new driver.
I got the few before that too, but I had to go dig them out of the pile.
They say that you had a driver from before the date of the 320.92 version. I wonder if some quirk kept that from installing even though you had

Anyway, I don’t think your video driver has anything to do with this except that we don’t want to send out old driver complaints if you’ve already updated.

It does look like this is video related in the sense that the crash happens in a display pipeline function, but that doesn’t pin it down to something we can fix yet.

Chuck just called me after seeing this on the forum and he can reproduce it on his programming box. He’ll be out til next Monday, but if we haven’t figured out anything by then, he may be able to help.

Thanks for the report.

That’s fixed now.